STEREOLAB & BRIGITTE FONTAINE/MONADE: Caliméro/Cache Cache (7″, Duophonic Super 45s DS45-25, ?)

Not sure what year it was when this record came out, but I’d hazard a guess that it was something like ’97 or ’98 perhaps. Who knows. Does it matter? Is it important to place records in some kind of grand chronological schema? To me it is, dammit, I love the chronology. This followed that […]

SPACEMEN 3: Walking With Jesus (7″, Earworm EGS01, 2003)

I was going to say how this record was part of the short-lived ‘Earworm Gold’ series, launched after the demise of the Earworm label proper, but a bit of internet research points out to me that the series was made up in fact of a whole ten releases, all of which I own. My memory […]

THE EDMUND FITZGERALD/BILGE PUMP: Noisestar Sessions #05/#06 (12″, Noisestar NOISESTAR-003, 2004)

Ah, 2004, just a few short years ago. The Edmund Fitzgerald were putting out records on little labels like this one and Vacuous Pop. Who’d have thought at the time that some of them would go on to form Foals, who stormed the world of music through 2008 to become proper famous music stars? Oxford […]

CHA-CHA COHEN: Spook On The High Lawn (12″, Chemikal Underground CHEM014, 1997)

Back in the early-to-mid nineties I used to write a fanzine called Circle Sky, named after the marvellous, wonderful Monkees song featured on their Head soundtrack. The Head soundtrack as mentioned in the Pooh Sticks’ ‘On Tape’. A variety of record labels and PR companies used to send me records, tapes and CDs to review. […]

JERUSALEM AND THE STARBASKETS/HUSH ARBORS: I cannot radiato without you/Mr. Bones (7″, The Great Pop Supplement GPS30, 2008)

Look at that vinyl – it’s a joy to behold! The gorgeous orange/green split reflects the colours of the band names on either side of the skimpy insert that’s also held within this record’s plastic sleeve. Plain, simple, effective. Love it! The Great Pop Supplement is a label I’m inclined to buy every release from, […]

HIGH RISK GROUP: Daddy Rolex (7″, Harriet 006, 1991)

This record came in to my possession via the magic of eBay, seven or eight years back. Some kind soul in Brighton was selling a pile of around thirty underground/indie-pop seven inches in one lot, which I snapped up for some bargain price like £15 or something. Good times. It was super-exciting when a chunky […]

THE CHARLATANS: One To Another (7″, Beggars Banquet BBQ 301, 1996)

Ah, happy mid-90s Britpop times, I was at university, enjoying life, swaggering about wearing a charity shop Adidas tracksuit top and a pair of Puma States, smoking fags inside and getting caught up in the post-Oasis-going-big revelry that – deny it if you will – was genuinely exciting and fun. I think that the Charlatans […]

TORTOISE: Galapagos (Version One) (12″, City Slang SHELL 003, 1996)

Post-Millions Now Living Will Never Die, a few of these remix 12″ers were released for no apparent reason except to serve as interesting counterpoints to the album proper. I really like their sleeves – a kind of ‘factory sleeve’ created just for this set of releases. This one’s printed using very pleasing silver ink. Can’t […]