SOME VELVET SIDEWALK: Generate! (LP, K KLP 62, 1997)

This record was bought about three or four years ago at a shop in Oxford called Avid. That shop has now very sadly closed down, due I believe to ever-increasing rent gradually edging them out of being a viable business. I spent many happy hours in there browsing their shelves – which included a whacking […]

JACK HAWKINS & THE SOUNDS OF THE 70’S: Psychedelic 70’s (LP, Plexium PXMS 1012, ?)

I can’t get enough of these easy listening albums that purport to capture the whacked-out psychedelic mayhem/’Swinging London’-vibe/disco excitement of the 1960s and 1970s. That’s lucky, as there were seemingly thousands upon thousands of them released through that time, and they’re the staple happy find of many a charity shop search. Pretty much every time […]

THE MIGHTY SAGUARO: Run (7″, 50,000 Watts Recordings 50KW/TMS/7/001, 2003)

This record I picked up at a gig featuring The Mighty Saguaro and other bands who are by now long forgotten. They may still exist, don’t get me wrong; it’s just that my memory is not good for that kind of thing. The Liverpool-based (I think) band were really rather good; indeed the early ’00s […]

RAZORBLADE SMILE: This Accurate Pain (7″, Chocolate Narcotic CHOC 01, 1992)

Another artefact from the mire of early-to-mid-nineties indie-pop that I got myself so deeply into: I’ll never have enough seven inch singles in wraparound sleeves with photocopied inserts, even if the wraparound sleeve in this case sports a very unpleasant image that looks like it was printed out from an Atari ST with a low […]

LAST PARTY: Fax Me Wacko Jack Seed (7″, Dishy DISHY 3, 1993)

Dishy Records fell under my indie-pop-record-buying gaze due to their first release being by Hellfire Sermons, whose releases I eagerly hoovered up in the early nineties. As was very much the done thing for me at the time, I continued to buy subsequent releases from the label, and this not only bolstered a growing seven […]

CUD: Purple Love Balloon (12″, A&M AMY 0024, 1992)

So here’s the second Cud record I’ve written about on here thus far: I think they’re the first band to achieve this dubious honour. It’s not particularly a surprise, as I have a lot of Cud records. I’m sure that more will be mentioned here. In fact, I even have two formats of this release […]

CICCONE YOUTH: The Whitey Album (LP, Blast First BFFP 28, 1988)

I bought this album in around 1990 in, believe it or not, Birmingham’s HMV – this was back when record shops carried records and some of them carried records that went beyond the charts and into weirder territories. Back when living in Telford I would make many weekend trips to Birmingham, with one of two […]

VARIOUS: The Sorted E.P. (7″, Sorted SRS003, 1994)

I picked up this 33rpm compilation 7″ in the mid-nineties because of the Prolapse track that’s on here – a demo version of ‘P.D.F.’ that is, I believe, unavailable elsewhere. Not too sure of any details about the other three bands on here – Fish From Tahiti, Gonzo Salvage Co. and The Mighty Silence – […]