DEBBIE GIBSON: Only In My Dreams (7″, Atlantic A 9322, 1986)

It’s not all super-hip underground noisemakers and whacked-out psychedelic mayhem with me, you know. I am a big fan of proper, no-messing pop music. And regardless of whatever any number of ‘top XX’/’the best XX of the XXs’-type TV shows might suggest, the mid-1980s was a prime period for pop music. Or maybe it wasn’t. […]

GANGER: Geocities (7″, Wurlitzer Jukebox WJ16, 1997)

Never sure whether the title of this single refers to Geocities as in the legendary free webspace provider that was responsible for around a billion home-built websites, almost all featuring those early graphical hits of the internet: The multicoloured rainbow horizontal rule The animated .gif showing letters flying into a mailbox According to Wikipedia, the […]

THE NATION OF ULYSSES: Sound Of Young America (7″, Diskord 46 1/2, 1990)

The first Nation Of Ulysses record, released on the cheekily-named Diskord imprint – a combination of Dischord and K Records, you see, I picked up this record around ten years after it came out, as Nation Of Ulysses were a band that I retrospectively discovered and explored, having first got into later associated bands Make-Up […]

THE SOUP DRAGONS: The Sun Is In The Sky E.P. (7″, Subway SUBWAY 2, 1986)

A confession; I’m not so cool that I bought this record when it first came out – I was only thirteen years old at the time and, in fact, listening more to Rick Astley and Debbie Gibson. So maybe I’m even cooler than cool. Or something. As I got into indie-pop throughout the late eighties […]