STEREOLAB: Instant O In The Universe (3×7″, Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks D-UHF-D28S, ?)

Ah, look at that cover artwork – fantastic. Fine, fine work by House@Intro, the inspirational force behind all manner of great-looking records. House is graphic designer Julian House, and Intro is the The Intro Partnership, who I’d give several right arms to work for. Even if their website is completely Flash-based, which always narks me. […]

AMANDA BY NIGHT: Silvermilk EP (7″, Alienor ALIEN η, 1994)

Another little glimpse into the most obscure of obscurities: this single came out on French indie-pop label Alienor in the nineties, presumably in a pretty low run. Alienor were one of the many labels I’d regularly buy up new releases from. Back then, the way we’d find out about new things wasn’t the instant hit […]

ALICE COOPER: Pretties For You (LP, Warner Bros. WS 1840, 1972)

I bought this album very recently on eBay after reading about it in the rather excellent Shindig magazine. It’s Alice Cooper’s debut, from back when Alice Cooper was both the singer and the band’s name, and it’s waaay different to what you might expect from having heard his much better-known later work. This is straight-up […]


What a name for a band… that’s how to name a group. This is a truly weird mini-album from a very odd neo-psychedelic-freakout band who later shortened their name to just Walkingseeds. I first heard of them when they had this shorter monicker, after picking up a 7″ of theirs for two reasons: It contained […]

TANK: Bedtime For Rio (LP, Earworm WORM 56, 2000)

Tank were producing Krautrock-tinged post-rock music waaaay before it became the hip music du jour, so them releasing this album on Earworm – a label that released a lot of that kinda stuff waaaay before it became more sellable – was something of a perfect match. I remember being very excited about this album’s release, […]

VARIOUS: Pulley (7″, Simple Machines SMR 003, 1991)

A wee slab of indie rock history here, kind of… Simple Machines were an inspirational label in their early nineties heyday, pulling together underground music strands and sharing the love with unending positivity. And, at the same time, releasing countless brilliant discs featuring all kinds of bands that are now varying degrees of legendary. Pulley […]