JACOB’S MOUSE: Hawaiian Vice (7″, Wiiija LTD 001, 1994)

Wiiija put out a few of these cheapo one-sided 7″ singles – they were just 99 pence each – presumably to big up some of the bands that they were working with at the time. A ‘try before you buy’ ethic, that downright failed with me, unfortunately. I’ve got this one and another by, I […]

HOOD: A Harbour Of Thoughts (7″, Orgasm SPASM 08, 1995)

On the insert that comes with this photocopied-sheets-hand-pasted-on-sleeve record, it states ‘Theres [sic] plenty more where this came from’ before giving the band’s contact address. They’re certainly not kidding – in the early days of their career, Hood put out a relentless stream of music on all kinds of labels and formats. I was always […]

JANE BOND & THE UNDERCOVERMEN: Politically Correct (LP, Dreamworld BIG DREAM 001, 1986)

This was stumbled upon in a charity shop in Reading, at some point in the mid-1990s. Dreamworld Records was run by The Television Personalities, so I figured that this album should be interesting and of quality, or at the very least – being catalogue numbered as ‘001’ and therefore an early release for the label […]

LUSCIOUS JACKSON: Deep Shag (12″, Capitol/Grand Royal SPRO-79482/79499, 1994)

Another record bought after hearing an band’s work on home-recorded tapes made for me by friends. ‘Home taping is killing music’? Not for me, bub! Home taping expanded my listening horizons and still contributes to my ongoing collectification of records and CDs. Two tapes from the past helped to generate my interest in and enjoyment […]

HURRAH!: Tell God I’m Here (LP, Kitchenware 208 201, 1987)

Years and years ago my great old pal Matt (who I unfortunately lost touch with and now haven’t seem for a long time) made me a brilliant mixtape, that I was listening to regularly until very recently. It was a combination of whacked-out drug music (including a ten-minute Timothy Leary trip and some very early […]

THE FOREVER PEOPLE: Invisible (7″, Sarah SARAH 54, 1991)

Sarah was one of the first labels that I got truly fanatical and collectorish about, diligently buying up all of their releases and doing my utmost to plug gaps in my collection of their earlier releases. I liked the fact that they were so consistent and principled about their business – releasing music that they […]