JANE BOND & THE UNDERCOVERMEN: Politically Correct (LP, Dreamworld BIG DREAM 001, 1986)

Jane Bond & The Undercovermen - Politically Correct

This was stumbled upon in a charity shop in Reading, at some point in the mid-1990s. Dreamworld Records was run by The Television Personalities, so I figured that this album should be interesting and of quality, or at the very least – being catalogue numbered as ‘001’ and therefore an early release for the label – some kind of collectable item. I’d read many things in old Record Collectors about the rarity and value of early TVPs records so figured that the 50p, or however much I paid for this, was likely to be some kind of steal.

Musically, it’s way outside what I like to listen to – it’s shiny, slickly produced independent pop music that seems unsure of what it is or who it’s for. Not unpleasant by any stretch; just not much of anything to my mind. I’d like to know more about the band though, and how they ended up releasing this on Dreamworld – all I can ascertain from the internet is that this issue of the album wasn’t its first, and that the band seem to be American. Enigmatic!

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