POPINJAYS: Monster Mouth (7″, One Little Indian 61 TP 7, 1992)

This record currently nestles on my shelf betwixt singles by The Popguns and The Poppyheads. It was because of The Popguns that I picked this up at the time; I liked their bouncy indie-pop and figured (illogically enough) that a band with a slightly similar name, and a cute record sleeve, must be another bouncy […]

SONNEVILLE: 46 Tours EP (7″, Alienor ALIEN µ, 1994)

Lumme, this is the second of a sparse few releases that Alienor put out that’s come up for discussion as the result of my wacky scientific random number generator tool. So be it, I can’t argue with fate, it’s like the Dice Man or something. It does, however mean that I had to find the […]

THE GRAVY TRAIN: St George’s Way (7″, A Turntable Friend TURN 13, 1993)

Now, this isn’t a record from the hip edgy band The Gravy Train!!! [exclamation marks theirs, not mine] who have released stuff quite recently on Kill Rock Stars. No, this is the early-to-mid-nineties Newcastle-based (I think) indie-pop outfit, who don’t have the exclamation marks but who have enough of a sense of Manic! Pop! Thrills! […]

HEY COLOSSUS/LORDS: The Money Will Roll Right In/Back Up! Back Up! (7″, Theory Of Nothing WANTON, ?)

I can’t quite remember why or how, but I was aware of this record being on the cards for some time before it came out, and so was corresponding with a fellow called Manj about it, his forthcoming first Theory Of Nothing release, for a little while. I’ve got friendly connections with both Hey Colossus […]

BEAT HAPPENING: Nancy Sin (7″, K IPU 15, 1990)

Ah, Beat Happening and even more ah, Calvin Johnson. Mr Johnson is an underappreciated lynchpin of modern independent music. For a still young-looking chap, he’s been around for a long time, having a hand in the very early days of Sub Pop in the late seventies before setting up K Records and pretty much defining […]

JASON AND THE ASTRONAUTS: Burn Down The Boys School (7″, Unlabel UN015, ?)

I bought this 7″ a few years back. I’m not entirely sure when. The label unfortunately didn’t feel fit to include a ‘released on…’ date anywhere within the package. Shocker! Don’t they know that some people live for these facts? Cataloguers of the world need information. Just like in The Prisoner. And like that show’s […]