UNSANE: Unsane (LP, City Slang SLANG 015, 1991)

Unsane have the dubious honour of being responsible for the most unpleasant record sleeve in my collection. They would, I think, only be knocked off this grubby pedestal if one of the following scenarios came about: I owned other Unsane records – they’re notoriously gory and graphic I owned that Big Black record that came […]

THE ACTION SUITS: Fun Flies (7″, Wiiija WIJ52, 1996)

I picked this record up from HMV shortly after its release date. Yes, HMV. There was, dear reader, once a time when HMV stocked not only vast swathes of vinyl, but in some stores, a whole load of interesting and obscure vinyl. I seem to remember that before they moved en masse to a centrally-distributed […]

PINK FLOYD: Relics (LP, Music For Pleasure MFP 50397, ?)

I’m not sure when this record was released, and wasn’t Music For Pleasure one of those odd 1960s/1970s labels that pumped out all manner of product to fulfil whatever was currently in vogue? I’m sure I’ve seen (and, indeed, bought) lots of MFP records that would fall into the comedy/easy listening/’odd’ bracket. I have some […]

VARIOUS: Rubble Three: Nightmares In Wonderland (LP, Bam-Caruso KIRI 026, 1986)

Yet another volume of Rubble, the third that’s come up for examination here (the others being Volume 6 and Volume 9). On this one, there are a couple of better-known acts (The Pretty Things and Tomorrow) amongst the usual barrage of weird and wonderful-sounding artist names: The Brain Focus Three Bamboo Shoot Wild Silk Mark […]

PAVEMENT: Perfect Sound Forever (10″, Drag City DC004, 1990)

This record was something of a holy grail to me for some years, before I finally snagged a copy (for a very reasonable price, too) around five years ago on eBay. I was fully conversant with the tracks on the record for a long time in advance of my purchasing it, because of a tape […]