TANK: Bedtime For Rio (LP, Earworm WORM 56, 2000)

Tank - Bedtime For Rio

Tank were producing Krautrock-tinged post-rock music waaaay before it became the hip music du jour, so them releasing this album on Earworm – a label that released a lot of that kinda stuff waaaay before it became more sellable – was something of a perfect match. I remember being very excited about this album’s release, and also the preceding 12″ released a year or two previous to it. I’d got hold of a tape by Tank a couple of years before those records emerged, which was released by Diesel Combustible, a micro-label run by a friendly chap from France with whom I used to correspond. I was a major fan of that tape, and it helped ease me deeper into the strange world of repetitive/Krautrock/post-music with its combinations of throbbing melodic circles and otherwordly atmospheres.

Colour me surprised; Tank still seem to be active – with a Myspace page and everything. That’s an ‘aha!’ moment for me and an opportunity to add some more items to my ‘buy these records at some point’ list. That list has recently been re-introduced in physical form, as this morning I remembered a small book containing notes on stuff I’d come across that need further investigation. The book is once again in operation.

And cor, Diesel Combustible were still going until recently, it seems! That’s impressive to see: most of the little labels from that 1990s mail-based underground time, mine included, ceased to be a long time ago.

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