SOME VELVET SIDEWALK: Generate! (LP, K KLP 62, 1997)

Some Velvet Sidewalk - Generate

This record was bought about three or four years ago at a shop in Oxford called Avid. That shop has now very sadly closed down, due I believe to ever-increasing rent gradually edging them out of being a viable business. I spent many happy hours in there browsing their shelves – which included a whacking great ‘indie/punk/post-punk’ kind of section, and an upstairs room with boxes upon boxes of interesting seven inch records. They had a long-term great deal on offer, with (as memory serves) any three records costing a tenner. Marvellous. Makes me regret that I didn’t spend more tenners in there, really, as perhaps that would’ve helped in some small way to contribute to their not closing down. Still, hindsight, and all that…

Normally I wouldn’t have bought a record with a crappy-looking sleeve like this one, but Some Velvet Sidewalk are great, and K Records are great, so the combination of the two is double great. I’m very, very slowly piecing together a collection of K’s releases, but there are so very many of them that it’s kind of a long-term project.

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