LAST PARTY: Fax Me Wacko Jack Seed (7″, Dishy DISHY 3, 1993)

Last Party - Fax Me Wacko Jack Seed

Dishy Records fell under my indie-pop-record-buying gaze due to their first release being by Hellfire Sermons, whose releases I eagerly hoovered up in the early nineties. As was very much the done thing for me at the time, I continued to buy subsequent releases from the label, and this not only bolstered a growing seven inch record collection but also introduced me to some bands and music I’d never have investigated otherwise. I seem to remember that this Last Party release was something of a coup for Dishy, at least as much as their flyers and whatnot made it seem. It was as if they were some kind of underground legend and it was a Big Deal that some new songs were becoming available. To this day, I still don’t know anything at all about the band beyond the existence of this record, so maybe there’s a whole tranch of enjoyable music out there still to check out. One day, perhaps, one day…

This record is numbered – it’s number 472 of, if memory serves correctly, 500 copies. The number is handwritten onto a small silver star which is then stuck to the back of the sleeve. That might seem insignificant, but having been involved in the hand-numbering and hand-finishing of even small-run record releases myself, I feel the need to say kudos to whoever at Dishy sat numbering 500 small silver stars and then stuck them onto to 500 record sleeves. These personalisation things always seem like a good idea until you get into the actual work, but hey, once that’s done you realise yes: they were good ideas. Hard work maketh the record, or something.

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