THE MIGHTY SAGUARO: Run (7″, 50,000 Watts Recordings 50KW/TMS/7/001, 2003)

The Mighty Saguaro - Run

This record I picked up at a gig featuring The Mighty Saguaro and other bands who are by now long forgotten. They may still exist, don’t get me wrong; it’s just that my memory is not good for that kind of thing. The Liverpool-based (I think) band were really rather good; indeed the early ’00s was a very good time for this kind of post-rock-tinged noise before it got all tired and clichéd and frightfully mainstream, darlings. I have a recollection that the record was cheap too, like maybe only £1.50 or £2, which is always a good selling tactic. It’s pressed on that super-heavyweight vinyl that feels like a 7″ dinner plate. So much more impressive than one of those cheap-ass lightweight records that’s favoured by corner-cutters but is in fact one step down from a flexi. All of the problems of a flexi, none of the charm and mystique of a flexi.

Googling the band’s name to see if they’re still in existence, I’m pleased to report that The Mighty Saguaro is in fact a type of cactus. Who said indie rock couldn’t be educational? Beyond cactus facts, there’s precious little else to read about, which makes me think that the band is now no longer operational. The record label website stated on the back sleeve is no longer operational, either, nor is the band’s own website. Why, it’s like they never existed. But they did. I saw them. And I have this record. I don’t believe that the whole thing was some kind of moon-landing-style conspiracy put-up job.

Interesting to note that the band’s website URL is a proper, real, actual URL – I guess Myspace wasn’t the dominant force it is now, back in 2003?

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  1. Excellent work! What’s the video footage from? Reminds me of ‘Class of 1984’ but I don’t think it is that…

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