GANGER: Geocities (7″, Wurlitzer Jukebox WJ16, 1997)

Ganger - Geocities

Never sure whether the title of this single refers to Geocities as in the legendary free webspace provider that was responsible for around a billion home-built websites, almost all featuring those early graphical hits of the internet:

The multicoloured rainbow horizontal rule

Rainbow HR

The animated .gif showing letters flying into a mailbox

Send us mail!

According to Wikipedia, the name GeoCities was first used in ’95, so perhaps Ganger were right on the internet’s cutting edge and decided to write a song about a webspace provider. Who knows. If it’s true, it’s never happened again, as far as I know: where are the songs about other online providers? It’s a whole seam waiting to be mined.

On a related note, the cover art of this record is horrible enough to accurately reflect the design nightmares of the late ’90s internet. A shame, as the music contained within is sublime repeato-post-rock that still sounds fresh, smooth and slick. Like an oil spill. Members of the Glasgow-based Ganger went on to form the controversially-named Fuck-Off Machete, as well as Aereogramme. I always liked the band name Fuck-Off Machete: very satisfying. It was a disappointment when they shortened it to just FO Machete. Sell-outs!!!

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  1. I have this. A was somewhat obsessed with Ganger when they were around, and collected everything they released. Which wasn’t that hard, to be honest.

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