HEY COLOSSUS/LORDS: The Money Will Roll Right In/Back Up! Back Up! (7″, Theory Of Nothing WANTON, ?)

Hey Colossus vs Lords - split single

I can’t quite remember why or how, but I was aware of this record being on the cards for some time before it came out, and so was corresponding with a fellow called Manj about it, his forthcoming first Theory Of Nothing release, for a little while. I’ve got friendly connections with both Hey Colossus and Lords and have followed both bands’ glittering musical careers since the start, so I guess that news of this split release somehow entered my consciousness through these paths. Anyway. I remember this Manj chap being a friendly sort, and thought at the time that it was good that people still bothered to communicate in a friendly and chatty way via e-mail (as we were doing) as much as used to happen via post in the olden fanzine days of yore.

Impressive production values on this record – chunky maximum-weight vinyl, pressed in a delightful shade of brown, wrapped in a thick card wraparound sleeve and containing a couple of full-colour inserts on even more thick card. Quite a weighty item in all. For some reason, though, the plastic outer sleeve is slightly too large for the wraparound sleeve, and so an extra piece of cardboard has been included to bulk up the space and stop the record sliding around too much inside. This gives the whole package a strangely unfinished feel. Perhaps I should just put the damn thing in a decently-sized plastic sleeve, throw away the cardboard and stop obsessing about such things.

To my knowledge, there was only one further release on Theory Of Nothing, despite Manj’s promises of much more to come in the hand-written note he included on that piece of cardboard (I told you he was a friendly chap). That was another split, featuring Billy Mahonie and The Jesus Years. I never got myself a copy. I wonder if I still can?

The Hey Colossus track on this record is a brilliant hard-rockin’ cover of Fang’s ‘The Money Will Roll Right In’. Never heard of Fang? Well, because the internet is a wonderful thing, here’s some footage of them performing the song in 1986. Awesome riff, dudes.


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