Well, this is unfortunate.

This is a dead turntable.

Yesterday evening, at around 9.00 pm, my Technics SL-BD22 turntable ceased to be a functional part of my hi-fi setup. The old gal has been making creaking sounds upon starting up her motors for ages now, but finally the end of the line has been reached. The lights are on, but nobody’s home – literally. Well, not literally; nobody lives inside the turntable. But a light is still coming on. It’s just that the turntable has lost its ability to turn. It’s now just a table. And not a particularly sturdy or useful one at that.

I was listening to the stupendously excellent double album compilation New York Noise at the unfortunate time of the technological demise. I hope to pick up where I left off as soon as a reasonably-priced replacement can be sourced. Let me at it, eBay. I keep reading about the resurgence of vinyl, so let’s hope it manifests itself in the alternative form of cheap, yet awesomely excellent quality, second-hand turntables. Normal service – and the playing of records – to be reinstated soon; I hope.

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