ANOTHER SUNNY DAY: You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs) (7″, Sarah SARAH 22, ?)

Another Sunny Day. Another Sarah record! Right after the previous post about a Blueboy record, the random number machine points me at this single. It’s got no release date (or copyright date) mentioned anywhere, but the catalogue number would suggest that this came out in around 1990 or so. Another Sunny Day not only have a delightfully twee band name, but also win my prize for the most twee song title I’ve ever heard – ‘I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t know I exist’. That song isn’t on this record, which has a substantially more beefy and macho title, but I felt it worth mentioning nonetheless.

The insert within this record’s wraparound sleeve is an A6, single-colour (violet) postcard, showing some parked cars outside what I think is Bristol Temple Meads railway station. Sarah releases around this time would contain a selection of postcards like this, which could be assembled into a larger image. Strangely, I don’t know if the Sarah records I have include all of the postcard elements required to build up the big image – I’ve never thought to check. How remiss of me. Also, how odd that I’m not planning on checking after writing this. Perhaps the disappointment if it was not to be is too much to contemplate.

This record was a very apt choice to be randomly selected, for today is in reality Another Sunny Day, being yet another in a long stream of sunny days that have come my way recently. I’ve always been somewhat ambivalent about this kind of weather. I like the sun and the warmth, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help feeling that I prefer cold weather. I think it’s that the uncomfortable feelings of cold weather can be addressed by wearing more clothes; or by turning up the heating. It’s hard to similarly combat the effects of hot weather without striding around in next to no clothes. And I’m not the kind of fellow who would feel comfortable doing that.

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