BIG BUSINESS: Head For The Shallow (LP, Wäntage USA WAN037, 2004)

As I ran my finger along the spines of records on my shelves, trying to find this one to pull out and photograph, I noticed that Big Business – Head For The Shallow on the album’s spine is in bold, chunky, capitalised and unmissable text. And there’s your analogy for this band. I saw Big […]

FEDERATION X: Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman (7″, Wäntage USA WAN-024, ?)

What a great cover design. Totally meaningless, seemingly unconnected to anything, but bold and striking enough to make me ponder at length about how and why some bird-headed warriors on horseback are representative of Federation X, this record, the songs on this record, or something related to one or more of those things. Nice bit […]