VERONICA LAKE/CRAYON: Sleepyhouse/This Dream Is Gone (7″, Cher Doll CHER 001, 1992)

Veronica Lake/Crayon

It doesn’t get much more DIY indie pop than this… hand-finished, sprayed, brilliant wraparound sleeve, hand numbered in pencil (number 130 out of just 400 copies), a couple of inserts included. I love it. How could anybody ever prefer a slimline jewel-cased CD over the artistry so obviously inherent in this record’s packaging? (Not that I have evidence that anybody would prefer that, you understand – I’m just attempting to make a point).

Thinking about it, when I state ‘just 400 copies’ up there, I should consider more carefully what I’m saying. Four hundred copies of this record exist. That might not sound like much, but as I’ve found out myself (at the expense of both finances and storage space), it’s a tough job to shift even a hundred copies of a record by hand, let alone four hundred. Just try keeping four hundred copies of a record under the bed – your nose will touch the ceiling, almost.

Pretty mind-boggling when you hear these statistics about Thriller or whatever selling, like, fifty million copies. How much space would fifty million copies of a record take up? Are there even fifty million turntables and CD players in existence?

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